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Dont fly blind

It has never been easier to understand the behavior of your account than it is with Blend. Find out how your customers are interacting with your product and you'll be able to gain valuable insight about their usage patterns

Blend Analytics | Providing insights to sales teams

Made for everyone

Avoid starting long-term and difficult data projects. Create complicated data pipelines in one click. Focus on your core, let us do the dirty work.

Blend Analytics | Insights that generate revenue


Give your team the ability to take action or automate workflows based on pre-defined trigger criteria. Sync data to your CRM, create an opportunity, launch a marketing sequence, schedule a meeting, simply open CRM page and more.



Blend gives you an AI based score mechanism that identifies the most valuable PQL’s in your pipe. We Build multiple scores to align with your Product Led Sales playbooks. No configurations, no analysts, no difficult and long lasting projects.

Blend Analytics | Score comprised from AI to gain valuable insights style=

Agile and Reliable for Hyper-Scale Growth

Designed for fast moving teams at growing companies with constant changes in their structures.

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