Privacy & Security FAQs

Our interest is not in knowing anything about your data. It is not used, shared, or sold by us.

Blend encrypts your private information, and only you can decrypt it. It is our mission to ensure we are protected from breaches and other threats. We work closely with other security experts to ensure our code is as secure as possible.

All data centers located within the EU & US. Our cloud providers: AWS, Google cloud & Digitalocean.

All customer's private information (files & DB records) are encrypted with AES-256 standard.

Blend fully recognizes the sensitive nature of the data that we handle, and that is why we're committed to safeguarding all information we store from any unauthorized access.

All customer data stored by Blend is located in data centers secured by our cloud providers: AWS, Google cloud & Digitalocean, which offers unparalleled physical and information security.

These servers are housed separately from Blend's corporate offices, and are distributed globally. AWS, Google cloud & Digitalocean has been certified to meet the following standards: SOC 3; PCI DSS Level 1; ITAR; FIPS 140-2; ISO 27001; ISO 27017; ISO 27018; ISO 9001.

As an additional security measure, AWS, Google cloud & Digitalocean servers hosting Blend’s customer data can only be accessed via two-factor secured VPN.

We support 2 authentication methods (Both require MFA): Sign in with google \ G-Suite (based on OAuth 2.0) Sign in using Email & Password

“Admins” have access to manage configurations and data streamline.

The "Admins" can maintain and manage configuration and control the data being entered and The “User” role is limited to viewing the relevant account information without the ability to make any impact on the configurations nor data.

We are using industry standard HTTP REST API with AES-256 encryption.

Data retention is the process of storing data in 3rd party systems for predetermined purposes. And it is vetted for existence in your DB. Once it's not, we delete it as well.

The data retention in Blend is for 3 years and can be asked by email to be deleted immediately.

Blend publishes and strictly adheres to a privacy policy aimed at protecting all parties that interact with our service. Our privacy notice explicitly details the information we may collect about you, and how we will use that information.

When you request us to delete your data, we will do everything we can within our power to make sure that happens as soon as possible. Please contact us at [email protected]

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