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Blend’s mission

It is Blend's mission to revolutionize the way go-to-market teams interact with customers throughout their product usage journey, in addition to making it easier for businesses to build complex, scalable data structures within a matter of seconds, enabling the business to focus on what it does best: building their product. While Blend takes care of the rest.

As the world undergoes a data transformation, the way in which sales are conducted is changing and evolving as well. Go-to-market teams must also speak the language of data in order to communicate effectively with their customers. Dreams and promises are not enough for customers, they want hands-on experience with the product before making a purchase.

Meet the team

Aviv photo
Aviv Shamny

Co-Founder & CEO

Yuval Photo
Yuval Zandbank

Co-Founder & CTO

It is imperative that you understand your users' behavior. As well as equipping your go-to-market teams with data necessary to understand how users perceive value. Blend has been designed to be easy to use by users without any technical background. We aim to provide complex data configurations, data analysis and data modeling in just a couple easy steps. No engineering required.

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