Privacy is

Ensuring what matters to you most is safe.

To protect your personal data at rest and in transit, we encrypt it end-to-end. Multiple techniques are used to ensure that you are the only one who has access to your data, starting with AES 256-bit encryption.

  • IP restrictions
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Feature specific premissions
  • Compliance with GDPR requirements

Protecting your user’s data. How?

Our interest is not in knowing anything about your data. It is not used, shared, or sold by us. Blend encrypts your private information, and only you can decrypt it. It is our mission to ensure we are protected from breaches and other threats.

We work closely with other security experts to ensure our code is as secure as possible.

Blend Analytics | GDPR

Cloud and Inferstructure

Constantly monitoring and analyzing our inferstructure for suspicous and threatening activities

Always evolving security structure model

New code that is being deployed is being trippled checked and monitored for any security and privacy risks


Authorizing Access

We undersand that the data being shared is confidential.

We have strict regulation over our employee’s access to customer’s data and we are committed to ensuring your data is safe.


Network Security

All applictionsin the hosting and cloud have firewalls installed to shield them from attack or loss of valuable customer data.

All appliction access (Direct and API) are protected by a dedicated DDoS mitigation to ensure high availability at all times and prevent attacks.

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