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Here is how ZRE Ltd. had increased its conversion rate by 9% and improved team productivity.

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Key Takeaways

ZRE is a growing SaaS company with 300K users. They are utilizing the daily processes of SMB’s. The company consists of various departments and is a market leader within its solution.

All of ZRE’s sales teams are highly talented individuals that were chosen for the role after a long recruitment process. The recruitment process consisted of skill testing, sales orientation, team bonding and more..

Each one of ZRE’s Account Executives are being trained once a month by highly talented sales professionals and ZRE’s sales team is exposed to some of their products' data and user behavior.

ZRE has a great marketing team that is generating around 5.4K leads per month. Each AE has an avg of 280 leads per month.

The challenge

ZRE is a fast growing company, the efforts it is investing is in growth and scalability. Hiring expensive data scientists is difficult for them.

  • Prioritizing leads. The AE’s are having a hard time understanding which leads to focus on
  • Understanding user journey in the product.
  • Focusing analysts on sales related tasks that will generate precise insights
  • Manual overload due to such high velocity of incoming leads.

The Solution

  • Automated prioritization process. Using BLEND Account executives can focus on the deals that will likely convert and increase sales.
  • Data visibility. User data and usage visibility that provides a deep understanding of product engagement from all sectors of engagement(Product, emails, transcripts and data enrichment 3rd party platform).
  • Getting the data exactly when you need it so there is no need to wait for the next R&D sprint in order to have all the information you need to have insights about a deal.
  • Automated analysis via BLEND. Rather than focusing company efforts & resources on analyzing user behavior, sales and growth teams now have access to.

The Outcome

  • 20% increase in productivity. More deals are reached in time, AE’s are focusing their efforts on the right deals and approaching them at the right time.
  • 7% increase in conversion rate due to focusing on the deals that matter and not wasting time on deals that will not convert.
  • Process fluency. AE’s had reported to have more fluent deals and processes due to being exposed to the data they needed in order to back up their decision and pitch.

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