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Key Takeaways

GBW is a mid size company with a big sales team. Their sales team consists of SDR’s, AE’s, AM’s and Sales Support Representatives. The Sa;es Support Representative role is to provide chat support to leads using the platform and to try to convert them along the way.

All of GBW’s Sales Support Representatives are working 24/7 shifts(strong arm hand emoji) and went through an extensive onboarding process prior to facing customers.

In order to start using GBW’s software, all you need to do is signup with your email and you are in! PLG at is purest.

With an average of 2K leads per month from marketing campaigns, GBW’s sales support team has a lot of traction.

The challenge

GBW’s Sales Support team is having a hard time selling to customers through the chat without understanding the value being perceived by the user.

  • Reaching out with value being perceived by the customer.
  • Defining the user journey in the product.
  • Wasting a substantial amount of time asking the customer what is he doing in the product.
  • Inaccurate advice when not understanding product and usage behavior.

The Solution

  • Analyzed insights for each customer profile. Using Blend, Sales Support reps can understand the value being perceived by the customer and lead him in the right direction.
  • User data and usage visibility that provides a deep understanding enrichment 3rd party platform).
  • Getting the data exactly where they need it so they dont have to change dashboards and lose their focus when talking to customers.

The Outcome

  • Customer satisfaction rate increased by 15% . Sales support reps are able to provide funnel insights that lead customers to upsells.
  • 4% increase in conversion rate that is directly from the chat..
  • 16% increase in productivity. Less reps are able to manage more calls and give more accurate and satisfying answers

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