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Here is how Craig Inc. increased its sales funnel efficiency resulting in 12%+ in sales !

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Key Takeaways

Craig is a cyber startup in its initial phases. They offer an all around security for users and companies at a large scale.

The word about them has spread around the block and they are receiving a high volume of leads a month. Criag’s AE’s are having a hard time to handle all of the incoming leads and are having a hard time understanding what is their ICP and conducting market research about useer behavior.

The challenge

Craig is a fast growing company, the efforts it is investing is in growth and scalability. Hiring expensive data scientists is difficult for them.

  • No touch funnel optimization. Lack of lead segmentation
  • AB testing. In order to conduct a simple test product team had to go through a couple of development stages rather than having access to the data themselves.
  • Lack of data visualization. Account Executives are having a hard time understanding the value customers are getting.
  • Identifying ICP. Product data did not match with projections.

The Solution

  • Automated cross funnel navigation. BLEND redirected leads into different funnels.
  • Data visibility. Usage and engagement data across all GTM platforms is now accessible to ensure data driven decisions are being made.
  • Generating insights from A/B tests without the help of a developer. Rather than relying on the R&D, product and growth teams can now gain access to tests that are being conducted on a daily basis.
  • Segmenting your customers. Blend provides the team with a data backed understanding of their customers segmentation by their usage, behavior and predictions.

The Outcome

  • 6% increase in conversion rate. The right deals are reached at time. AE’s are focusing on what matters most.
  • 7% increase in conversion rate due to focusing on the deals that matter and not wasting time on deals that will not convert.
  • Process fluency. AE’s had reported to have more fluent deals and processes due to being exposed to the data they needed in order to back up their decision and pitch.

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